The Pagan World Academy will guide those who wish to follow a nature based religion. During your time at our school, you will be learning methods on how to attune yourself with the universe and that it has to offer. Paganism is an earth based religion. Meaning the foundations of our beliefs of the universe are interrelated and that we all are responsible for our own actions with love, tolerance, and peace are encouraged. Pagans are people who share sacredness of life. We do not sacrifice living things for any reason.

Pagans do not worship a Christian Satan and do not worship any similar being. Most do not even acknowledge the existence of Satan. Pagans do not use spells as to cause harm/evil in any way. In fact most believe causing such harm/evil will bring it back to those whom cause it.

The Pagan World academy operates on an eclectic notion, meaning, we give you the basics then it is up to you to tweak it to suite you as an individual and practice, practice practice.

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