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Divination is the practice of using specific methods and tools to hear the guidance of the Divine. Items for divination include: Pendulum, Astrology, Scrying, Runes.

Astrology 1

  Astro Intro

This is an intense course and requires a lot of focus, there will be minimal assignments, however there will be a final quiz required to pass in order to pass the class. Astrology is the study of the relationship of the planets and how these relationships affect us. In the class, students will get a little history, how Astrology works, along with sun and moon aspects, and more.

Astro 2

Prerequisite: Astro 1

Astrology 2 builds straight off of Astrology 1. We dive right into chart building, and later on in the semester, we get into forecasting from specific areas of the chart. We will be working with our own natal charts, but you can build anyone's chart once you have down the basics of how to do it.

Pendulum 1

pend description

Pendulum 1 In this pendulum course, students will gain a bit o’ knowledge on the history of pendulums; they will also obtain basic correspondence of stones and more used in the making and use of pendulums. Students will be required to make a basic pendulum board and begin the experience of working with a pendulum. Items needed: An item weighing roughly 0.5 -- 2 ounces String.

Items Needed:

wood board or paper
marker or pen or wood burning kit

Pend 2

Prerequisite: Pendulum 1

In Pendulum 1 you learned a bit of history, basic correspondence of stones. You were required to make a pendulum and began  to work with it. In Pendulum 2, it is all about using and getting to know your pendulum. This is done by working on exercises. Each lesson will show you ways your pendulum can be used.  

Runes 1

runes 1 descripion

Runes have been used to attract luck, provide protection, and work magic. We will teach you the meanings of the Runes, how to write in Runes, and some rune casting as well. You will have three major projects in this course: Creating Your Own Set of Runes project, Rune Mats project, and Rune Charms project. Runes are used for your own divination unlike Tarot cards which are used for others readings.

Items Needed:

For Runes:
wooden disks which can be bought at a craft store(25 of them)
wooden branch about 1" diameter
marker pen or wood burning kit
For Rune Mat:


The Pagan World Scrying class can be a great addition to your other magical studies. This class will focus on different scrying techniques and items used during the act of scrying. We will also touch base on exercises so by the end of class you will have a good basis to get started.

NOTE: In week 7, you will be required to make a magic mirror.

Items Needed :

Candle, Wood, crystal ball, crystals, stones,bowl of water, running water, smoke(incense, fire) mirror or black mirror.