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The Pathworking category is where all classes for different paths of Paganism are found. Take a walk down our path to find yours.


 Prerequisite: Wheel of the Year

In Paganism classes we will explore various cosmology, ethic, symbols and highlight several Pagan traditions.

Prerequisite: Paganism 1, Magical Symbols 

paganism 2  

In this class you will be doing a lot of reading and you will be expected to meditate, write essays, perform a ritual, perform energy work, create sacred space, and make a journal to record your progress. Your journal will continue to Paganism 3 if you take it. In Paganism 2, we will discuss several more Pagan traditions. These include Shamanism, First Nation,Egyptian and Voudun practices. We will also learn about energy work (grounding,clearing, creating Sacred Space,) the Cycle of Transformation, and Divination techniques.

Prerequisites: Paganism 1 & 2  

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As we continue the journey along our spiritual path, we are going to further define what divinity means to us, what activities we resonate with and want to include in our personal practices, and learn techniques to help us deepen our spiritual connections and make change in our worlds. This class is all about creating rituals and practices that have significance for you, making effective magick and helping you make a decision whether or not you wish to continue on to Spiral Priesthood at Pagan World.

Wicca 1

Prerequisite: Wheel of the Year

Wicca 1 is designed to give you the basic principles/beliefs of Wicca. Students will learn about the old ways, how to create a BOS, and how elements play a part. The class will also touch on grounding, centering, and meditating. Learn about the Lunar Cycle, some about Gods/Goddess and where you can go from there.

Prerequisite: Wicca 1, Magical Symbols 

Wicca 2 intro

In Wicca 2 we will mention clothing, and how alters can be a powerful tool.  Moving on, students will work with the witches pyramid, create a sacred space, calling the quarters. We will also discuss raising energy, God/Goddess blessings and ritual. 


Prerequisite: Wicca 1, 2

Wicca 3

Wicca 3 will focus on increasing your metaphysical abilities. We will strengthen our awareness of cosmic energy and pursue the control of our mind to connect to the divine cosmic energy of the universe.

There will also be a few readings that you will need to download. You will not have to acquire other books for those readings. This course is quite study intensive. There are many exercises to develop your ability to move energy and work with magic, as well as many opportunities for growth.


Prerequisite: Wheel of the Year

This course gives the different details in the witchcraft paths and also information relating to the student to enhance the student’s education on the practices and the history on the past information on Witchcraft. The class is informative on the different paths that witchcraft can take. It may also guide the student to discover the best path to take on the craft that one may choose to follow. 

Prerequisite: Witchcraft 1, Magical Symbols 

witchcraft 2 intro

This course continues the basics of Witchcraft, to introduce the general practitioner to the craft and the functions of Witchcraft. Since the introduction of Witchcraft 1 presented the different paths that one can follow, this class introduces the groundwork of magic and the workings that are followed to grow on your path.  The exercises in the lessons can be for the beginner as well as someone who is advance on their path as a refresher. The exercises in the class will help you improve your skills and help with advancement.

witchcraft 3

Prerequisite Witchcraft 1 & 2

This is an advanced witchcraft course. This is not the end of all that can be learned through the various paths of witchcraft, it only scratches the surface and hopefully leaves the student wanting more along with some good general ideas of what they want to know more about and where to look. There is also a crafting project involved (making an amulet) so you will need stones and/or crystals, herbs, a piece of cloth or small drawstring bag you have purchased or beading wire/string (to create either a piece of jewelry or a mojo bag). You will also be performing a knot-work spell. You will need a 9 inch piece of string, yarn, ribbon, etc.; one in brown and another in yellow (blue is also acceptable substitute for yellow for this); and a sprig of lavender or lavender oil.