spells intro

Prerequisites: Wheel of the Year, level 2 Path-Working class of your choice  

In the spells  classes, students will learn introduction of spells. We will discuss safety and then supply how it all fits with magic. This will include incorporating numbers, herbs/oils, elements, stones, and chants into a spell. Next students will have a short review, then move onto the writing of spells, the why, the how. By the end of the classes, students will have all which is needed to be confident in spell writing and casting.

Spells 1

We will cover how to use herbs/oils, stones, colors/numbers, elements, and the importance of the moon and how to put it all together to have a successful, powerful spell.

Spells 2

spells 2

The course will discuss many things that can cause strong feelings. We ask that the discussions be respectful and considerate. Let’s learn from each other and let others learn from us. We want meaningful dialogue in the discussions and lessons. This class is meant to stretch us personally and give us the opportunity to see how others practice.