witchcraft 3

Prerequisite Witchcraft 1 & 2

This is an advanced witchcraft course. This is not the end of all that can be learned through the various paths of witchcraft, it only scratches the surface and hopefully leaves the student wanting more along with some good general ideas of what they want to know more about and where to look. There is also a crafting project involved (making an amulet) so you will need stones and/or crystals, herbs, a piece of cloth or small drawstring bag you have purchased or beading wire/string (to create either a piece of jewelry or a mojo bag). You will also be performing a knot-work spell. You will need a 9 inch piece of string, yarn, ribbon, etc.; one in brown and another in yellow (blue is also acceptable substitute for yellow for this); and a sprig of lavender or lavender oil.