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Welcome, you have found "The Pagan World Academy!!!!!!! The Pagan World Academy is an online school that supports/ leads those whom are looking to discover a spiritual way of life through nature, connecting with the universe and all it offers. Paganism is a religion of nature, meaning we revere Nature. We see the divine as immanent in the whole of life and the universe; in every tree, plant, animal and object, man and woman in the light side of life as much as in the dark. Pagans live their lives attuned to the cycles of Nature, the seasons, life and death. Paganism is a spiritual way of life which has its roots in the ancient nature religions of the world. Pagans believe sacredness is in all things and can be found world-wide. Pagans see this as their heritage, and preserve the beliefs and values of their ancestors with methods adapted to suit modern life. We celebrate the sanctity of Nature, revering the Divine in all things; the vast, unknowable spirit that runs through the universe, both seen and unseen.


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